Our Hikes

At First Light Hikes, we offer 3 guided hiking experiences From June to October.

The Sunrise Hike

Are you looking for a sunrise experience away from the crowds? This moderate hike will last in your memories forever. We meet at the Great Head trail parking lot off Schooner Head Road in Bar Harbor about 40 minutes before sunrise. The first portion of the hike is relatively flat and short ( 1/2 mile). This spot is where we will stop for the spectacular sunrise views with the sounds and aromas of the ocean while we enjoy local coffee and snacks. I promise this experience will be as great, if not better, than a Cadillac Summit sunrise. After sunrise, I will offer the opportunity to hike around Great Head to Sand Beach. This hike is about 2 miles in total, and the entire experience will take about 2-3 hours. There is an opportunity to hike to Sand Beach without going around the entire Great Head Trail as well.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.

The Morning Hike

There is nothing better than slowing down to appreciate the moment in nature with a great cup of coffee and new friends.  We will meet at the Great Head Trail parking lot off Schooner Head Road in Bar Harbor. We will walk across Sand Beach ( if no dogs are in the group). We have other options if we have dogs. From there, we will hike over the backside of the Beehive to the top of Beehive without the difficulty of climbing the rungs. There, we will enjoy local coffee and snacks while discussing the geological wonders unique to the area. Then, we can hike back to the beach, where you can try a quick Atlantic dip. Depending on your ability, this hike should take 3-4 hours. 

The Custom Hike

Not sure you want to get up as early as the other tours? Or perhaps you wanted to hike some of Acadia’s other trails?

Contact me to discuss a hike that accommodates you and your group.

Hike Arrival Information

Arrive at the Sand Beach Entrance Parking lot off Schooner Head Road in Bar Harbor. I will confirm with you by email 24 hours before your scheduled hike with the meeting time for the sunrise hike. Expect it to be 40-45 minutes before sunrise.  The meeting time for the coffee and hike is 8 am. There should be parking at these times. If not, shuttles are available via the Island Explorer from the Hulls Cove Visitor Center. You will need an Acadia National Park Pass or equivalent to park. You must purchase this before the hike online or upon arrival at the park. One pass is needed per vehicle. 

To save time at the trailhead, please read and sign the emailed waiver prior to the hike. We will also have waivers available in person.